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UPDATED: November 1, 2021

NYC Injury Attorneys P.C. is a personal injury law firm that aggressively represents clients in cases involving medical malpractice, car accidents, truck accidents, construction accidents, wrongful death, slip and falls, and workers’ compensation claims. NYC Injury Lawyer will always help you to get justice at the proper time. Well, let’s take a look at their services.

How will it help you?

When you suffer an accident, it can feel devastating and overwhelming. You may be entitled to financial compensation for any wages lost, pain, and suffering, damages, and medical expenses. The team at NYC Injury Attorneys is ready to take you through the process and help determine who is liable for your damages and help you get justice.

Cases that they cover

Medical Malpractice

In New York, where they are based, medical malpractice is often called professional negligence or medical error. Their medical malpractice attorneys handle cases involving malpractice against hospitals, doctors, nursing homes, and others.

Car Accident

With NYC Injury Lawyer, you will be assured that you will get all the help and support that you need if you have been through a car accident where the fault was not yours.

Truck Accidents

When it comes to obtaining justice, no matter how large or small the injury is, you need the best of the lawyers that will bring your case to a successful conclusion. So, they can help you with such accidents.

Construction Accidents

The most common and serious form of injury associated with construction work is muscle and tendon damage. An injury such as a stress fracture is extremely difficult to treat. Their lawyers understand that being out of work is stressful, and it can be very debilitating when you are being expected to contribute to the household financially.

If you or someone you know has been injured on the job, contact NYC Injury Attorneys P.C. to speak with a legal advocate who can help you negotiate your medical bills.

Slip and Fall

Slip and Fall Lawyer of this law firm will represent you in any kind of slip and fall case. They work in several areas of construction site accidents, slip and falls, and sufferances. Slip and fall lawyers, New York injury attorneys offer top-notch support in case of wrongful injury. They have a staff of experienced lawyers who will support you with any slip and fall case.


Well, these are some major types of issues or cases that this law firm covers. Apart from these, they have lawyers for other issues as well.

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