PUBLISHED: September 21, 2021

            In this modern time, people across the globe have become more mobile than ever because of the rapid development and advancement of various transportation modes. For this reason, there is also a widespread growth and expansion of businesses all around the world, especially in high-income countries like Hong Kong. Hence, it opens a lot of job opportunities.

The State of Foreign Workers and Businesses in Hong Kong

The ever-booming economy of Asia’s World City—Hong Kong—does not only attract workers from neighboring countries but also foreign businessmen to invest in their market. Since the granting of its autonomy in the year 1997, Hong Kong became a center of business, commerce, and culture today.

Hong Kong: The Paradise of Overseas Workers

According to the 2020 report that was gathered by The Diplomat, Hong Kong (HK) currently has 385,000 employed foreign domestic workers (FDWs) of which 69.9% of it comes from the Philippines while the rest comes from Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. 10% of HK’s total workforce is comprised of FDWs. The reason why Hong Kong became a job-hunting spot for overseas workers is because of its liberal policy that does not limit any inbound FDWs as long as both the employers and employees fulfill the set conditions in the contract.

The Untold Truth About Hong Kong’s Domestic Abuse

Since most of the FDWs work in service positions such as maids, nannies, waiters, there are times that their rights were abused. Most of the cases are related to physical, verbal, and psychological abuse from the employers, discrimination, minimum wage, unregulated working hours, and a short two-week stay at the end of the employment contract. Because of these, certain laws were outlined and implemented to protect the FDWs from such abuse. If an offense against human and employment rights was committed to FDWs, they can consult Hong Kong employment visa lawyers to file a lawsuit against the offender. Apart from that, an employment visa lawyer can also help a foreign individual in acquiring or renewing his/her visa and even getting a permanent residency and passport afterward.

Asia’s World City: Is it still good for doing business?

With the passing of the National Security Law in Hong Kong, international businesses are at risk because the freedom of speech, data gathering and dissemination, and media coverage is tightly controlled. In business, the internet plays an important role in gathering information and for the recreation of employees. Restricting some of it can somehow impair the internal workflow and affect the wellbeing of some, especially the foreign workers. Because of this, availing corporate structuring legal services that have an in-depth knowledge of the new law will aid foreign companies in avoiding possible breaches in national security law which can lead to fines and confiscation of funds.

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