Divorce attorneys: the hot and the not

PUBLISHED: December 21, 2017

Life is unpredictable and it doesn’t always go as planned. Sometimes people drift apart, life happens, and they found themselves at cross roads with each partner choosing a different path.And it is nowhere uncommon,

If you are thinking about divorce, it is important to choose carefully the attorney who will represent you. It goes without saying that you should hire someone competent who was a solid background in dealing with situations like yours, but that should not be the only factor on your checklist.

The divorce attorney’s personality is something worth considering. This can make or break your entire divorce. There is a common misconception that aggressiveness should be the main quality here. While this may work in specific circumstances and with specific people, in the majority of cases it is nothing more than futile and hopeless.

Try and picture how much tension manifests during a divorce. By having the person representing you fueling that fire, it will only lead to greater disruption. An attorney who approaches things with a clear head and a solution-oriented thinking rather than stirring up old problems or creating new ones will definitely help in smoothing the process. Divorce is an extremely stressful and painful – sometimes even angry process, even under the best of terms, without having your attorney making it so. The approach both the legal professionals and the couple choose will have long-term consequences, especially if children are involved.

Patience, empathy and legal know-how

A U.S. poll among family lawyers, including divorce attorney, has shown that 55% of law professionals believe the most important quality should be patience[1]. Other 27% believed that being supportive and compassionate should be among top personality traits.

Objectivity was also ranked as a ‘must have’ alongside legal skills. Being able to refrain from getting too emotionally involved in cases can quickly impose problems and cause a cloudy judgment. This is why the ability of keeping cool, getting just enough distance from the case to see the bigger picture and having the right informational baggage to support thinking are traits you should be looking for in your divorce attorney.A strong work ethic is here of fundamental importance, as it is across other industries and jobs. A successful attorney should be willing to work hard and have the dedication needed to win fair and square.

Nevertheless, you should ensure that you do not base your decision on superficial aspects, such as a fancy office or an expensive car. Simultaneously, you should never assume that just because one attorney’s hourly rate is high, they will be able to satisfy all your needs. If budget is a big component of your decision, you would be better of hiring someone who is a novice. This should not get you discouraged though, many of the fresh out-of-school lawyers have the drive to do an even better job than their older counterparts. They might even work a little harder and do a little more.

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