Witnessing the Signature by a Notary Public in Ontario

PUBLISHED: December 16, 2020

Agreements, contracts, or documents may need to be signed while a notary public is witnessing. A piece of photo identification issued by the government must be presented to the Toronto notary public to certify or witness a signature. As an instance, a health card is not acceptable when witnessing the signature since it cannot be a valid identification to prove your identity. Signature witnessing by a notary public in Toronto will help to prevent any fraud and identity theft.

The notary public also keeps a copy of your photo identification issued by the government, typically for three years. Photo identification name, which is presented as an identity proof, must match the name on the document, especially when the person has multiple last names. In case there is a contradiction between identification and the document, the person first needs to amend the document with the incorrect name and replace it with the full true name.

Notary Public

The certified or witnessed documents by a notary public can be used all over Canada or sometimes abroad. Ontario notaries have the power of witnessing signatures and can assist you with this legal procedure. You can sign your document before a notary’s eyes, and s/he will witness your signature.

Signature Witnessing for Evidentiary Purposes:

Signature witnessing may be required for evidentiary aims. Suppose one of the parties refuses to accept that he signed the document. In this case, the person who witnessed the signing process can confirm whether he has signed the document or not.

What Is a Notarized Document?

When a Toronto notary public seal on a document confirms that the information in the document is true.

Which Documents Need Notarization:

Many documents require notarization. The court system, banks, financial instructions, and foreign embassies often ask for notarized and certified documents. Official letters that will be sent to another country usually must be notarized to confirm the sender’s identity.

Signing parties must be fully aware of the document’s content, and the notary makes sure of it. A document notarization and signature witnessing are among the most important duties of a Toronto notary public.

What Does a Toronto Notary Public Do?

The notary public verifies the identity of the person who signs the document. In fact, a notary public witnesses both the parties’ signatures and the fact that they sign the document willingly and not by force.

Notary Public

Why Should Documents Be Notarized?

The document notarization and signature witnessing can prevent fraud and identity theft to a significant extent.

Can You Sign Before Your Appointment with the Notary?

The answer is no for sure. A notary public cannot accept a pre-signed document to be witnessed, and there is no exception or additional rule in this regard.

Notarization of a Translated Document

When your document is not written in English, and you need to present it to an organization or company in Ontario, you must have a certified and notarized translation file and a true copy of your original document.

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