Tips for Victims of a Hit-and-Run Automobile Accident

PUBLISHED: September 4, 2018

According to a recent summary report published by the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities, road accidents and car crashes cause a significant amount of damage and fatality every year.

A huge chunk of these accidents is classified as hit-and-run accidents where the driver causes a crash and moves away from the accident site straightaway. This is why these accidents are some of the worst and leave victims angry and confused. You can either be in your car or out on the road while the accident happens, but the perpetrator always flees the scene.

Often victims will worry about how to proceed afterwards and what actions to take in order to receive compensation for any damage that was caused to them or their property. But there is no need to worry as there are some steps you can tale to have a smoother experience filing the claim and getting the benefits you deserve.

  1. Stay Calm and Check for Injuries

While it is likely that you will be stressed out and in a panic mode right after an accident, it will be helpful if you try to stay as calm as you can. Try to catch your breath and calm your nerves then proceed to check if you have any injuries that need immediate attention. If yes, then call 000 immediately for an ambulance.

  1. Collect Information

If you find yourself in a stable state without any severe injuries and mental trauma try to remember and note any information when it is fresh in your memory. If you were able to see the license plate number of the vehicle even just a part of it, note it down. Along with that, gather information about the car including the type, model, make, company and colour etc. Besides that, if you got a look at the driver, note that down as well. All of this will help when filing a report.

  1. Call Emergency Authorities

The next and most important step is to call the police and report the accident as soon as possible (if you can). Provide any information they need over the phone and stay at the scene until they arrive. Also, whether you have suffered any severe damage or not; call the paramedics or ambulance immediately as there are some injuries you don’t realise on the spot, but they hurt later on.

  1. Collect Evidence

If you are stable, have no injuries or minor ones and can move around, try to collect as much evidence from the accident site as you can. This includes taking pictures of the site and talking to any witnesses that might have seen what happened.

  1. Call an Accident Lawyer

After you have reported the accident and gotten treatment for any injuries, the next step is calling law advice lawyers. A trustworthy and vetted accident attorney will help you build a case against the driver and file a claim that makes you eligible to receive compensation for damages.

Remember that filing the claim and the proceeding after it can be overwhelming, especially while you are recovering from the accident. This is why it is better for you to hire a lawyer and let them handle the case in a more efficient manner.

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