Steps To Know if the Car Accident Is Your Fault

UPDATED: March 29, 2019

Road accident is considered the number one killer. Many people lose their lives every day because of traffic law and safety negligence. It constantly happens and it can be anyone. It’s common for people to not know what to do after a car accident. It’s also typical to feel confused since it’s not something that happens to a lot of people. However, this might occur to you at a certain point. Because of that, you should be armed with proper knowledge so you can assist yourself and pull through the entire thing without any issues.

But what if you were the cause? Do you know what to do after a car accident that’s your fault? Never admit or commit to anything until the investigation is actually done. But you should also be responsible as a party involved in the accident. Here are several steps to remember:

Collect information

Once you’ve made sure that you aren’t injured, you should check others who are involved. Note if they’re injured. And collect information properly. You must be thorough with this since it’ll help the investigations later. Ask for the full name of the other driver and full names of passengers if ever there are any. Note the plate number and car make and model. 

what to do after a car accident that's your fault

Observe current environment and situation

Was it raining? Was the weather bad? Is there a lack of road signs? Consider all the factors that may have led to the accident. Before you conclude that it was because of what you did or what you didn’t do, check if there were other factors that contributed to the accident and the current situation. 

Ask around for witnesses and look for evidence

Others will often ask why they need to do this. While it’s not necessary to go this far, the information you’ll acquire can be helpful to speed up the whole thing. And this can also give you information as to what actually happened. Those who are involved in car accidents will likely have hazy memories. Eyewitnesses can make things clearer. If there are cameras in the neighborhood or from cars, all the better.

 In case the other party is uncooperative

This is a very common situation and it’s highly likely to happen. So you must be prepared. Note the car make and model. Take a picture of the damage and make sure that everything in the scene is visible. 

Stick to the current facts but never commit to anything. Don’t admit to liability. If possible, stick only to what you know but don’t cover-up truths and don’t hinder investigations because this won’t do you any good. Never forget to call your insurance agency and tell them about this in detail. Having legal counsel will also be essential. If you were the cause, whether intentional or unintentional, you’ll need people who are well-versed in the personal injury laws to help you go through the whole process properly.

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