Is It Possible To Sue a Dentist for Medical Malpractice

UPDATED: April 3, 2019

Dentists are trained to serve their clients with accuracy and care. Dental malpractice is a breach of the industry codes of conducts and the patients’ rights. Any dentist who negligently exposes a patient to poor treatment should be held accountable for the time and money lost in treating the health damages. And with the legal fraternity being a bit open for everyone, you can easily present a case against your dentist in the court of law for justice to takes its due course. Here are the things you need to prove for your dentist to be held accountable for dental negligence.

Breach of Duty

It’s the legal duty of every dentist to stick to the set codes of conduct. Under no circumstance should a dentist breach these conducts either willingly or unwillingly. Breaching can be in the form of giving the wrong medications, extracting healthy teeth with no justified course, or even offering treatments while busy on the phone. It’s the legal duty of every dentist to offer the same quality of services and treatments that every other dentist with the same level of education provides. If not, they will be held accountable for negligence.

dental negligence

Damages Occurred

Just because a dental treatment didn’t end with positive results does not mean it was due to dental negligence. Some treatments end with negative results owing to the patient’s health history or unavoidable circumstances. You need to collect valid information proving that the dentist breached the codes of conducts and the standard industry standards and that’s the reason the results didn’t come out the way they were expected. Check out the dentist’s records to see what techniques they used for diagnosis, the treatments they used, and the procedures they implemented. Wrong treatments and procedures are a sign of dental malpractice.

Get Witnesses

You cannot prove medical malpractice to any jury on your own. You need the backing of eyewitnesses to give the jury a reason to believe in your claims and award you compensation for the damages. Don’t just get your friends and coach them on what to say. The people who were present during the dental procedure and saw what happened will be in a better position to give more convincing event accounts.


While it is not legally wrong to try to prove dental negligence on your own, it can proof very difficult and challenging if you aren’t familiar with the medical malpractice laws. That’s why it is always best to consider hiring a quality medical malpractice lawyer who specializesin dental cases. There are so many of such lawyers though the best ones are found here. The lawyers found here are experts who have many years of experience helping dental malpractice victims prove their cases in different courts of law.

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