Critical Queries You Should Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer

UPDATED: April 2, 2018

The world is a dangerous place because you do not know what will happen next. One moment you are enjoying a cup of tea the next you are suffering from an injury because of an accident. What is worse is when your children become a victim of injury. As parents, nothing hurts more than seeing your child suffer from injury.

The good thing is that the law gives protection to the people who are already suffering from a personal injury called Personal Injury Law or Tort Law. This gives the injured person chance to head to a civil court and ask for legal remedy for all the damages stemming from a particular incident or accident.

The main purpose of this system is to give the injured victim financial compensation for whatever harm he/she may have experienced either it is intentionally done or because of carelessness. But before anything else, you need to lodge a formal complaint to the civil court. It is imperative that you get Personal Injury Lawyer Biloxi, MS.

When you appointed your personal injury lawyer, you need to ask questions so you will know the proceedings. Here are some queries that you have to bring forth:

Did the attorney already take similar cases like this in the past?

You will feel better if you ask prior cases and results of your attorney. There is nothing wrong with doing this. You just want a person who had a good experience when it comes to personal injury.

Will there be other attorneys who will work on this case?

Sometimes when you go to a firm, one attorney will assess your case and then give the case to other junior attorneys. You need to ask the attorney if it is necessary for another attorney to join the boat. Junior attorneys can do well but if you prefer a particular attorney, you have to ask.

How much time will it take to resolve this case?

Whenever you start something, it is critical that you know the timeline so you can adjust your work accordingly. This should also be the case after lodging a formal complaint to the court. Ask the attorney for the duration of the case. If he/has prior experience with personal injury cases, he/she can give you a tentative timeline.

Does the attorney consider contingency fee?

There are attorneys who will not charge anything for their services but will take a portion of the settlement you will receive if the outcome is positive. This is called contingency fee. Ask the attorney if this is how he/she wants to be paid.

If you have other questions, it is better to ask right away before the trial starts. Remember that it is your case, you should know as much as the attorneys involved.

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