A Step-by-Step Guide to a Simplified Uncontested Divorce in Singapore

UPDATED: January 7, 2022

Divorce may be a very stressful situation. Long-running and bitterly contested divorces, as well as the associated legal fees, have exacerbated this stress in years of managing divorce cases.

When parties cannot agree on the conditions of a divorce, they must go to court to resolve the issue. Clients are advised to choose a Simplified Uncontested Divorce if at all possible. When both parties have agreed to all of the terms of the divorce, this type of divorce occurs. The benefits are self-evident: the divorce can be accomplished considerably more quickly and at a lower expense.Check them out today.

Make Sure the Reason for the Divorce is Unlikely to be Contested


The only grounds for divorce in Singapore are the “irretrievable collapse of marriage.” Adultery You are unable to live with your spouse because he or she has had an affair. Unreasonable behavior Your spouse acts in ways that make it impossible for you to live with him or her. Your husband has been deserting you for at least two years. Separation Your spouse and you have been separated for at least four years, or three years if your spouse has agreed to the divorce.

Guide to Contested/Uncontested Divorce

Unreasonable Behavior can be Phrased in a Fault-Free Manner


You may now be concerned that citing “irrational behavior” implies that you are blaming your spouse for the divorce. Don’t worry; a divorce attorney can assist you in this matter. Your lawyer can construct the divorce petition in non-blaming language so that your spouse does not feel responsible for the divorce. For example, if A claims that B is a thorn in her side, this fact can be neutralized by saying, “A believes that B is excessively critical of her, and the couple no longer agrees on many matters.”

Separation is Cited as a Reason for Divorce


If you plan to use “separation” as grounds for your divorce, I recommend getting a deed of separation to avoid any confusion. This document of separation establishes that you and your spouse are no longer together. But don’t worry if you’ve been separated for a long time without such a document. You shall be regarded as separated if the evidence shows that you have been split like a pair. Even if both of you are still living in the same house, you can be deemed separate. To make this work, you must demonstrate that you are both doing things on your own and avoid any behavior that suggests a married relationship.

A divorce lawyer can help you with a variety of issues, from presenting your reasons for divorce to negotiating and understanding the terms of your consent order. If you’re thinking about getting divorced, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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